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These are  from some of the best divers in the world! 

Septentrion Environnement


Septentrion Environment is a research and education center founded in 2009.

They were one of our first customers of or 500W lights with our own customized LED array. 

More than fifteen years of experience in underwater surveys with photogrammetry has led us to develop, in collaboration with CNRS (LIS UMR 7020), an original methodological and instrumental method intended for mapping large underwater areas.

KarKam, the system we have developed is made up of two synchronized Nikon D700s, each in a Nauticam housing, mounted on a fixed and undeformable base, calibrated beforehand and on which are placed three torches of 56 000 Lumen each. The management of the light thus ensures an almost 'terrestrial' quality of the stereo shots.

This original system, developed for large-scale photogrammetric surveys, thus ensures quantifiable metric and chromatic quality in the surveys produced. It was designed to be easily embarked on a loco-diver and thus allows the efficient and rapid survey of large complex areas.

Visit Septentrion Enviroment and look at all their fantastic work and finalized 3D models here: