Photo: Alex Dawson

video light

500W Video light

Take those epic pictures!

Crafted with only the best materials available, our 500W LED Video / Photo lights are the preferred choice among professional underwater photographers.

Choose between the standard COB LED or our own designed custom LED array.

50 000 Lumens - 66 000 Lumens

CRI 70-95 

Color temperature 4000 - 6500 Kelvin

The choice is yours!



More than fifteen years of experience in underwater surveys by photogrammetry have led us to develop,

in collaboration with the CNRS (LIS UMR 7020) an original methodological and instrumental approach intended for the survey of large underwater surfaces. 

We are currently working on the development of new survey tools, and in particular the KarKam system.


Developing since the age of halogen.

After a decade of development and consultation for other brands, era-underwater was founded to fill a gap in the market of powerful video/photo lights for the underwater photographer that only wants the best. 

Since 2019 we have developed and fine tuned our lights to be the very best on the market in both quality and performance.

We continue to work together with our colleagues in the diving business, helping them develop products and consult in a variety of different underwater products.

Do you have a project or idea that needs to be customized, please contact us and we can see what we can do together.

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